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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who is CleanDogWaste.com and Bar-Bill Enterprises?

A: CleanDogWaste.com is a division of Bar-Bill Enterprises. Bar-Bill Enterprises is a family own business based out of Buckeye Arizona and services Phoenix and West Valley.

Q:  Why should I select a re-occurring service?

A: Beyond the benefits of having a maintained, clean yard our re-occurring service plans saves you money. Start a plan for as little as $9.70 per cleaning.

Q:  Will I need to sign a contract?

A: No. Our re-occurring service plans can be canceled at anytime without additional charges when you cancel 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment.

Q:  Do you charge an initial clean up fee?

A: For many of our new re-occurring service plan customers your monthly plan will cover your initial clean up, others will be quoted based on the amount of waste that has accumulated.

Q:  Are there any other fees?

A: There is a $15 late cancellation fee if you provide us less than 24 hours notice. All returned checks will result in a $25 returned check fee.

Q:  Is my billing information safe?

A: We don't save your payment information, electronic payments are sent directly to Paypal for processing.

Q:  How do I cancel my re-occurring service?

A: If you want to discontinue your service plan email us at service@cleandogwaste.com at least 24 hours prior to your next service day.

Q: Which payments do you accept?

A: We accept all forms of payment including cash, personal check (established customers only), credit, debit, and paypal.

Q: When are my payments due?

A: Re-occurring service plan customers will be charged for their full monthly plan fee on the first appointment of each month. If you have made arrangements with us to automatically charge your debit/credit card there is nothing more for you to do. You may pay in full at the time of your first appointment each month (you must be home), we will accept your cash, check, or swipe your debit/credit card.

Q:  Do you clean poop from rocks?

A: Yes, our service does include cleaning poop from rocks, grass, sidewalks, kennels, and any other location in your yard within reason (sorry no pools or ponds).

Q:  Do you pickup anything else while cleaning?

A: Yes, we offer additional services to remove from your yard items that can be placed in trash bags or a 5 gallon bucket such as old fruit, weeds, light trash. Give us a call at 623-680-9389 or email us at Service@CleanDogWaste.com

Q: Can my pets remain outside while you work?

A: Yes, your pets are welcome to visit while we work. Aggressive dogs must be secured inside or on leash prior to our arrival to avoid a cancellation fee.

Q: How do you get to know my dogs?

A: As part of the online booking process you may provide the names of your dogs and the demeanor of each dog. When we arrive we bring treats so that our arrival is a reward to your dog rather than an invasion of their territory.  

Q: Do I have to be home while you work?

A: No. We do ask that residential customers be home for the first appointment. If you have automatic payments there is no need to be home for future appointments. If you don't have automatic payments you will need to be home on the first appointment of each month.

Q: Do I need to give you permission to come into my yard?

A: By scheduling the service you grant us permission to enter your yard. If your gate has a lock you will need to make arrangements for us to have access. Arrangements are based on your comfort level and can range from leaving the gate unlocked that day, providing us a key, or picking up a key from the neighbor.

Q: Can I contact you if I have more questions?

A: Yes. You may email service@cleandogwaste.com or call us at 623-680-9389.

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